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For many, if not for all first-time visitors, Morocco's main attractions are its Imperial cities, ancient Medinas, the Sahara Desert, and the Atlas Mountains. Yet, despite the rich history and natural beauty found in the desert and mountains, beautycharmand fascination can also be found along Morocco's coasts and the Morocco Beaches.  After all, Morocco is blessed with 1,200 miles of coastline on the Atlantic and Mediterranean, along with year-round warm weather. You can still fully enjoy the rich history and culture of the country while allocating some time for beach relaxation.  You can choose to unwind by enjoying unspoiled, pristine and wild Moroccan coastlines.  Or simply immerse yourself in the luxury of a 5-star lavish beach resorts that offers a cosmopolitan vacation experience with Moroccan flavor. Let us broaden your horizons, intrigue you with possibilities, and introduce you to another side of the Moroccan travel experience – Morocco Beaches

Any Morocco holiday can be complimented by adding a Morocco coast ( Morocco Costal Tour South from Marrakech to Mirleft and Morocco Costal Tour North from Marrakech to Casablanca from Morocco) private tour to your itinerary visiting Morocco coast resorts, small fishing villages and wild, sandy or rocky beaches or, if fishing is your hobby, go for a fishing trip. Our suggested tours along Morocco Atlantic cost can be done on their own as a few-days tour from Marrakech or as an extension to the main tour. Each of these tours can be used as an extension to the main tour or as an independent itinerary for travelers aspiring to explore coastal wilderness of South Morocco or enjoy coastal cities north of Agadir.

private tours to morocco beaches

Atlantic cost:

Agadir - Likely the most known resort town of Morocco with its crescent-shaped Bay and its 5 1/5 miles (9 km) stretch of golden sands and vibrant tourist life.

Five-start resort Mazagan in El Jadida – situated only 1 hr. drive from Casablanca, with things to do for all ages: golf, tennis, casino, spa, and restaurants among other things. Essaouira - enjoy laid back historic charm of this former Portuguese fort taking


enjoy laid back historic charm of this former Portuguese fort taking leisurely walks in the ancient Medina, shopping in a Moroccan souks, strolling along on the breezy palm-tree lined promenade, soaking the sun in one of the beach front cafes, or enjoying vast views of the Atlantic Ocean from riad’s rooftops.

If you're looking to add a little athleticism to your Moroccan vacation, surfing and yoga in Taghazout, is a perfect destination. This small fishing village north of Agadir that became very popular with surfers from all around the world.

Be captivated by the wilderness, unspoiled beauty of White Beach of Guelmin, wide-open spaces of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, and Legzira, with the spectacular natural arches and sandstone cliffs shaped by wind and waves – a photographer’s paradise.

If fishing is your passion, it is worth to head out to the ocean and try beach casting and rock fishing Moroccan style. Ddiscover for yourself the variety of fish species thriving in the Moroccan waters. We will help you with the gear.

If you prefer not to fish for your food, Oualidia is a city highly regarded among oysters and seafood lovers.

Morocco’s Mediterranean coast

is located in the foothills of the Rif mountings, explaining a somewhat limited access to the beach areas. The cost is rocky and cliff-shaped with wide bays, sandy caves and wilder waters, still, there are beautiful spots can be found along the such as the lovely beach town Al Hoceima and resort destination Saidia, to name just a few. So, pack your SPF, and we’ll take you to the unforgeable Morocco beach tour to the beach of your choice for a relaxing and re-energizing experience.

private tours to morocco beaches