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Taragalte Festival

11taragalt festival

Taragalte Festival 2023

THE TARAGALTE FESTIVAL returns for its 12th edition on the theme of “The wisdom of sands and oases, source of inspiration and alchemy” from October 27 to 29, 2023.

Under the starry skies of M’hamid El Ghizlane, the Taragalte Festival will be held in the middle of the sand dunes, in the province of ZAGORA, near the M’Hamid el Ghizlane Oasis in southern Morocco. It takes place precisely near the ancient departure point of the caravans that once criss-crossed the Sahara from M’Hamid el Ghizlane to Timbuktu.

The Taragalte festival has a profound desire to bring people together through art, in order to live and act together. The aim is to make this festival a unifying element, cradled by the richness of difference, bringing together singers, musicians and dancers from different cultural horizons.

This year’s festival seeks to draw on the wisdoms of the world’s nomads to find answers to the urgent need for environmental protection and cohabitation, a cardinal value of Moroccan nomadic culture, which is today a prerequisite for facing up to the world’s climatic and civilizational changes.

For this return edition, the festival invites all festival-goers to find in the memory of the sands and the poetry of the stars, an inner alignment, a shared wisdom and happy projections for the future.

taragalte festival


+ Ecological day:
This activity is scheduled after midnight:
Reading of poetry and texts about the desert by Bayt Achiaar (the house of poetry), with local poets and writers invited.
Acoustic concerts hosted by all guest artists.
+ Art & Exhibitions :
Exhibition of paintings by the Kafila caravan in collaboration with the Institut Français de Rabat.
Exhibition of meteorites collected in the region, hosted by local researchers and nomads.
+ Observation of the sky and its stars:
Reading and discovering the sky and its stars in the presence of astronomers and nomads to combine science and ancestral know-how.
+ Eco-responsible activities :
Green stands & activities
Awareness-raising and planting of date palms, in collaboration with the Taragalte Association and the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation.
Art for the environment” recycling workshop
Clean-up and environmental awareness campaign
Educational workshop for children in collaboration with the Fondation Antoine de Saint Exupéry pour la jeunesse.+ Cultural

Activities : Savoir-être & Savoir-faire Nomade :
Open-air museum of nomadic habitat
Dromedary parade
The ancestral game of Nomad Hockey
Village showcasing local products and know-how
Gastronomic souk
Daily nomadic know-how transfer workshops
Tamegroute pottery workshop Pisé construction workshop
Carpet weaving workshop run by the “Carpet of life” women’s cooperative of M’Hamid El Ghizlane
Nomade gastronomy workshop Artistic residencies
Singing and dancing by local folk troupes in the nomad tents surrounding the festival.
Guedra Song & Dance for women from the Chamra region
Rokba Knee Song & Dance
Ganga Style Gnaoua
Ahidouss Amazigh Song & Dance