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Draa Valley

11draa valley
The prehistoric civilization in the Draa Valley flourished thousands of years ago, as evidenced by many rock art inscriptions throughout, the most important of which is the Venus of Tantan.
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11fishing trip in Morocco
Morocco Travel Basics With its 1385 km of coastline, a fishing trip in Morocco may make your dream of catching a giant fish come true. The number of fishing spots in Morocco is enormous. Alternating at the same time sandy beaches, rocks and lagoons, you will always find a very nice little corner to catch...
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Amtoudi’s Sacred Granaries In the heart of the Id Aïssa oasis, Amtoudi is a small village dominated by imposing cliffs. Nearly 300 families, living mainly from agriculture, live in the village. Palm, fig, almond, apricot, olive and orange trees rub shoulders with small fields of corn and barley and vegetable gardens. On the cliffs, two...
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