draa valley

The Draa Valley

The Draa Valley  The Draa is the longest river in Morocco, 1,100 km, originates in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, heading south-east to Mhamid El-Ghizlan and then heading west, crossing the desert to pour into the Atlantic Ocean north of Tantan. The last section of the river, after Mahamid, usually dries up for most …

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fishing trip in Morocco

Fishing trip in Morocco

Morocco Travel Basics With its 1385 km of coastline, a fishing trip in Morocco may make your dream of catching a giant fish come true. The number of fishing spots in Morocco is enormous. Alternating at the same time sandy beaches, rocks and lagoons, you will always find a very nice little corner to catch …

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Yoga retreat in Morocco

Treat yourself with a unique Yoga retreat in morocco ! Experience yoga like never before! With breathtaking landscapes, bustling souks and labyrinthine medinas, Morocco is a land of contrasts and endless possibilities. As with the Kasbahs of old and riads of today, many of the country’s cultural and architectural gems are waiting to be discovered, …

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desert tour to erg chigaga

Erg Chigaga or Erg Chebbi

Erg Chigaga or Erg Chebbi, Which desert to go ?? Imagine riding atop a single-humped dromedary into a apparently endless ocean of rolling sand dunes. The evening sun to the west creates a dramatic distinction of with boldness colored golden sands and dune-curved shadows. By night, once finishing a recent tajine dinner by visible light, …

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Surfing In Morocco

Welcome to the top 5 beginner surf beaches in Morocco. Surfing in Morocco is a truly unique experience. Like its European counterparts, the coastal areas offer spectacular long white sandy beaches and endless Morocco surf options. Surfing in Morocco is for everyone, from beginner surfers looking to get amongst Morocco’s green Atlantic walls to advanced …

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Morocco travel tips

Morocco travel tips

Must Know Morocco Travel Tips Tho’ Morocco could be a world faraway from most countries we all know, it offers several of an equivalent travel choices that we tend to are ready to access in alternative countries. for instance, the accommodation choices in Morocco are remarkably sensible. a large selection is receptive you for Hotels …

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Moroccan Medinas

A modern country, with a wealth of up to date bars, restaurants and nightspots, step within the medina in Morocco and you’re taken to an other world. Encompassed by high walls, the Moroccan medinas area unit full of little alleyways, market places and historical sites. The aim of every medina was to stay out offensive …

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