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Architecture, art and culture, rugged mountains that open into quiet oasis, green highlands that reach up to the dunes of the Sahara, long necklaces of palm trees that adorn arid landscapes, Morocco and so wonderfully vast that it can ‘be visited in each season.

Individually Crafted, Upscale Moroccan Private Tours for Discerning Travelers!

Step into the enchanting world of Morocco with Morocco Shiny Days, where every moment is a shimmering gem waiting to be discovered. Our passion is crafting bespoke Morocco private tours, meticulously tailored to your desires.

As you embark on your journey, picture yourself wandering through the labyrinthine streets of ancient cities, the vibrant markets of Marrakech, and the serene coastal towns that line the Mediterranean. Feel the cool breeze atop the Atlas Mountains, and imagine gazing up at the infinite starry expanse of the Sahara Desert.

At Morocco Shiny Days, we don’t just offer private tours; we offer a sensory odyssey that invites you to immerse yourself deeply in Moroccan culture. It’s about creating memories that linger in your heart and mind, etching the landscapes, people, scents, and flavors into your soul. These memories will be your treasured keepsakes, allowing you to relive the same intense emotions time and time again.

Let us know your desires, and we’ll weave them into an unforgettable journey, where the tapestry of Morocco unfolds before your eyes, making you a part of its rich story. Experience the magic, the allure, and the allure of Morocco like never before with Morocco Shiny Days.


Our Tours

At Morocco Shiny Days, we redefine the art of travel, ensuring that your Moroccan adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. As connoisseurs of luxury, we specialize in crafting bespoke experiences that transcend the ordinary, designed exclusively for you.

Imagine your dream getaway, and we’ll make it a reality. Our Morocco tours are not just private; they’re a symphony of your desires, seamlessly blending your interests, preferred destinations, available time, and budget. It’s your personal voyage through Morocco’s wonders, where every detail is meticulously tailored to your taste.

For those seeking inspiration, we offer a curated selection of suggested tours and excursions that have delighted our discerning guests. However, these tours are merely the canvas; your imagination is the brushstroke that paints a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The possibilities are as boundless as the Sahara, from epic cross-country odysseys to intimate city escapes. Whether you desire a day of indulgence or weeks of exploration, we can start and finish your journey in any major Moroccan city.

Our grand tours will unveil Morocco’s grandeur, while our 1, 3, and 5-day escapes from Marrakech offer a taste of its magic. The choice is yours, and we’re here to turn your wanderlust into a reality.

Have a vision that transcends the ordinary? Our dedicated team is your genie, ready to fulfill your unique tour requests. From the moment you arrive, our professional drivers and knowledgeable guides will attend to your every whim, making sure your Moroccan experience is nothing short of spectacular.

At Morocco Shiny Days, we don’t just offer tours; we craft immersive, tailor-made narratives that celebrate the uniqueness of our guests. Luxury is not just a word; it’s the essence of every journey with us. Let your adventure begin – your extraordinary Moroccan tale awaits. Contact us today to transform your dreams into a luxurious reality.

How It Works

Navigating the intricate tapestry of a foreign land can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned travelers. That’s where we step in. We are your local experts, your knowledgeable companions, and your experienced guides, dedicated to making your Moroccan private tour an unforgettable reality.

At Morocco Shiny Days, we extend a warm invitation to explore our handcrafted selection of Morocco tours. Our offerings cater to a diverse spectrum of travelers: families seeking memorable holidays, business groups on a quest for unique experiences, school vacations brimming with educational opportunities, senior adventurers savoring life’s joys, and avid photographers capturing the essence of Morocco’s beauty.

Choose your starting point among the vibrant hubs of Marrakech, the cosmopolitan allure of Casablanca, the coastal charm of Agadir, or the enchantment of Tangier. Don’t see your ideal pick-up location? Fear not, for we are flexible and ready to accommodate your needs across Morocco.

Crafting your dream Moroccan escape is as effortless as a desert breeze. Simply provide us with the duration of your journey, share your specific interests and desires for Morocco, and select your preferred level of luxury accommodations (ranging from 3 to 5 stars). From there, our skilled artisans will weave your wishes into reality, designing a tailor-made Morocco private tour that aligns seamlessly with your vision and budget.

Whether you yearn for the regal comforts of a 5-star oasis, the cultural immersion of a traditional riad, or anything in between, we have the keys to unlock your Moroccan dreams.

Embrace the magic of Morocco, personalized just for you. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey that speaks to your soul. Discover Morocco, your way.

Let Morocco Shiny Days Illuminate Your Path to Extraordinary Adventures in Morocco

At Morocco Shiny Days, we’re not just tour providers; we’re the architects of remarkable journeys, the curators of unforgettable experiences. Allow us to craft the perfect tapestry of your Moroccan adventure.

Picture this: A tailor-made voyage where every detail is meticulously woven together, just for you. Our exclusive tour packages encompass the essentials for an exceptional journey – a robust 4X4 vehicle, a skilled and knowledgeable driver, fuel to power your exploration, and indulgent half-board accommodations. It’s a symphony of luxury, where privacy, comfort, and convenience converge seamlessly.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalization. We don’t simply arrange your trip; we handcraft it with care. From the moment you embark on our private 4WD, guided by our experienced drivers, you can leave all travel logistics behind. We handle everything – from the moment you arrive until you bid Morocco adieu.

With Morocco Shiny Days, your worries evaporate like morning mist in the Sahara. Your journey is our canvas, and we paint it with the colors of convenience and delight.

Embrace the extraordinary. Let Morocco Shiny Days illuminate your path to adventure. Your bespoke Moroccan tale begins here.

northern morocco tour

Northern Morocco Tour

This Northern Morocco Tour goes from the beaches of Tangiers to the magical blue town of Chefchouen to then dive into the deep history of Fes and Rabat

Morocco Imperial cities and Desert Tour

While on our Morocco Imperial Cities And Desert Tour get ready to dining in an authentic riad, navigating Marrakech by horse-drawn carriage…

luxury Morocco tour
Most Popular

14 Days Private Morocco Tour

Casablanca, the 4 imperial cities (Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Rabat) with chefchaouen and Sahara Desert are all on the list of this private Morocco tour

Our Exceptional Team

At Morocco Shiny Days, we hold unwavering faith in the values of competence, safety, and a profound dedication to our guests’ well-being.

Our team is a harmonious blend of dedicated professionals, each possessing a rich tapestry of multilingual talents. As native Moroccans, we carry the vibrant spirit of our homeland in our hearts and are eager to share our boundless knowledge and deep affection for this captivating country with you.

When you embark on a journey with us, your driver isn’t just a chauffeur; they are your English-fluent, knowledgeable companion and your trusted ‘in-car’ guide throughout your entire sojourn. Whether you require a pick-up from the airport, your hotel, or a train station in any of Morocco’s major cities, we’re at your service. While we meticulously plan your itinerary, we also understand that your vacation is a personal odyssey. Therefore, spontaneous stops to savor hidden gems along the way are not just accommodated but welcomed. Your pace becomes our pace, ensuring that your Moroccan experience unfolds exactly as you envision.

Tailored Lodgings and Immersive Local Experiences

Our commitment to crafting your ideal Morocco vacation extends beyond the ordinary. We pride ourselves on offering expert travel consultation to create a seamless and personalized itinerary, always prioritizing prompt responses to your inquiries.

When it comes to accommodations, we’re not just travel planners; we’re curators of comfort. We handpick lodgings that align perfectly with your preferences, ensuring a harmonious stay. Rest assured, all reservations are made directly by us, sparing you the hassles of coordination.

At each of your chosen destinations, we connect you with a curated selection of seasoned tour guides and operators who are masters of their craft. These local experts serve as your gateway to the rich tapestry of Moroccan history and culture. With private licensed tour guides at your side, you’ll delve deep into the heart of Morocco’s heritage, transforming your journey into an immersive cultural exploration.

Seamless Transportation

Our fleet boasts air-conditioned Toyota Land Cruisers, ensuring a comfortable journey with all fuel expenses covered. With a steadfast commitment to safety and a reputation for unwavering reliability, we offer you peace of mind on the road.

Morocco Shiny Days is a fully registered business in Morocco, operating under the legal entity of Morocco Shiny Days SARL, a testament to our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Your dream Morocco vacation is our mission. We’re here to transform your vision into reality, crafting a bespoke journey that aligns perfectly with your desires. Our ultimate aim is to deliver a hassle-free, 100% customized vacation package, ensuring that your Morocco private tour not only meets but surpasses your wildest expectations.

Embark on an Extraordinary Expedition through the Diverse Facets of the Sahara Desert with Our Unique Morocco Desert Tours!

Our desert adventures are a gateway to discovering the Sahara in all its splendid diversity – from majestic Ergs and enchanting Regs to undulating dunes, rugged mineral plateaus, and pristine wilderness. We’ll lead you to sacred sites, ancient rock engravings, and remote villages hidden amidst this mesmerizing landscape.

Experience the Sahara’s wonders firsthand – take a camelback journey, master the art of tying a traditional cheche, slumber in cozy tents, kindle a campfire under the starry evening sky, ascend the towering dunes, or simply lose yourself in the enchantment of a celestial tapestry.

This is a voyage of dreams, tailor-made for adventurers of all generations – children, parents, and grandparents alike. It’s a transformative odyssey through the Moroccan desert, where you’ll traverse the shifting sands of dunes, wander amidst lush palm groves, immerse in the culture of Saharan villages, and discover hidden oases, all while creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime

merzouga desert tour

Merzouga Desert Tour

If erg Chebbi is your destination our Merzouga desert tour is your right choice to cover the high atlas , the gorges and the magical erg Chebbi desert.

marrakech to fes, marrakesh desert tours, Erg Chebbi

Marrakech to Fes Via Erg Chebbi Desert

Ait ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, Todra gorges, Erg Chebbi and the middle atlast mountains are all must see places while on your way from Marrakech to Fes

desert tour, marrakech to erg chigaga

5 Days Desert Tour to Erg Chigaga

cross the high atlas, hike at the legendary Draa valley and spend the night under the stars. find all this in our Erg Chigaga desert tour .

Meet Oualid Naciri – Visionary Entrepreneur and Your Expert Guide

Oualid stands as the visionary force behind Morocco Shiny Days, bearing the mantle of its founder and principal owner. His roots trace back to M’hamid, a quaint village nestled in the enchanting Zagora province of southeastern Morocco. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Agadir, Oualid embarked on a journey into the world of tourism, dedicating the past twelve years to orchestrating and personally guiding captivating tours across Morocco’s diverse landscapes.

Oualid’s linguistic prowess knows no bounds, as he seamlessly navigates between English, French, Arabic, and Berber. He also possesses a fundamental command of Spanish, German, and Italian. His expertise transcends language, encompassing every facet of travel planning, from meticulous booking to crafting bespoke itineraries that cater to your unique desires.

Beyond linguistic fluency and travel finesse, Oualid’s passion lies in unraveling the tapestry of Moroccan history, culture, and music. He’s your trusted source for insider tips on angling in Morocco’s abundant waters.

What truly sets Oualid apart is his dedication to forging enduring relationships. To him, every client isn’t just a guest; they become cherished friends. He takes immense pride in nurturing these connections, ensuring that your journey with Morocco Shiny Days is more than a tour—it’s a friendship forged in the heart of Morocco’s enchantment.

Interested in our Morocco Private tours?

Oualid is at your disposal for any further informations and enquiries

What People Say About Morocco Shiny Days

  • In love with Morocco and Yoga

    I had a very good time in Morocco. Mixed tour between yoga, culture and roadtrip was just amazing. Morocco shiny Days is very professionell, good cars 4×4 and beautiful Riads. Even the Desert Camp is very comfortable and really you can see the stars there like in a book. We had a lot of fun at the campfire, not only there also everywhere and everyday. But the night in the desert was very special. So lets go to see the shootingstars and enjoy a beautiful Trip. Morocco shiny Days in combination with Nella Yoga, more then 5 points.

    SST Vianna
  • Fantastic trip!!!!

    I booked a yoga trip to Morocco with Nella Yoga and the company on site was Morocco Shiny Days. The owner Oualid, his brother Anass and Mohamed (independent driver) were our tour guides. They shared their great knowledge of the country, showed us beautiful places and always fulfilled our wishes.
    Mohamed is a really good driver, I always felt safe in the car, even in the desert – although it was a bit “icy” at times. We had a lot of fun with him as our driver but of course also with Oualid and Anass. Together they made the trip unforgettable!

  • Great trip organizers

    I had the best organized trip ever with Morocco Shiny Days and the yoga teacher Nella Yoga. Comfortable 4×4 and safe driving. Good conversations with the drivers that speak good English. The accomodations that were chosen during the trip were very good and the visits to locals very interesting. Trips that are professionally put together in a amical atmosphere.

  • Magical Yoga trip to the desert

    I went on the Desert Yoga trip with Morocco Shiny Days and had an amazing time!

    We were travelling with Oualid, Anass and Mohammed who were the tourguides and drivers and Daniela, our Yoga teacher. From the pick-up at Marrakech airport everything was organized perfectly. Morocco Shiny Day uses modern and comfortable 4×4 vehicels, picked breathtaking routes and chose great accomodation.

    All of the guides have extremly good English skills (of course they also speak Arabic, French and some Berber) and are highly professional tour guides. They are very reliable and always on time(!), share their wide knowledge about Morroco, its culture and history with you, drive VERY savely (even in the Atlas mountains or the off-road desert) and have all the necessary contacts ins every place to arrange everthing that you wish for. And most important: they are super friendly and fun, you will have a great time traveling with them! 🙂 By the way, we were an all female travellers group and always felt very safe!

    112 day trip agadir to la plage blanche, mirleft, tighmert